Practice this historical sport on one of the best courses in Spain.

THE PERFECT ADDITION TO THE CLUB A new life for this centenary sport

With more than five centuries of history, croquet is growing at unprecedented rates. We have been affiliates of the Spanish Croquet Federation since 2017 and we are leading their expansion into Andalusia by offering a top-level playing experience.

Our two federated courses make us a required stop for professionals visiting the peninsula. If you have never played before, you should give this fascinating and easy-to-learn sport a chance where strategy, skill and mental strength are required.

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CLUB RULESDress code

Players should dress in accordance with club rules and the tradition of this sport.
A white shirt or polo shirt, flat-soled shoes (no golf shoes) and white or light-coloured trousers or skirt must be worn. Both at competitions and during everyday use of the croquet court.
Regardless of colour, T-shirts, sleeveless shirts (gentlemen only), jeans, tracksuits, bathing suits or Bermuda shorts may not be worn at any time.
Golf shoes may not be worn at any time.
We request that players use divot repair tools to fix any imperfections made to the field during play.

Our ProShop sells clothing to resolve any accidental violations of the dress code.

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